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Harry Crocker
United Kingdom
I really enjoy Photography, i really need to brush up on modern techniques. There's some things i want to try out. I feel like I have quite a muted style. If i could emulate anyones photos it would be DorOthY-ShoEs. Hopefully as the years progress i'll be able to work on conceptual photography. I still don't understand a lot of them, but they make me smile as my brain ticks over :)

Favourite photographer: DorOthY-ShoEs
Personal Quote: I don't suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute" - Edgar Allen Poe
  • Listening to: Bears Den, Lucy Rose, Bombay Bicycle Club, Amber R
  • Reading: Biomimicry: The sharks paintbrush
  • Watching: Rudderless, films but no series.
  • Playing: chess! Civ5
  • Eating: out a bit too much... still
  • Drinking: more and more delicious alcohol
I will be leaving plymouth in a few days and wanted to jot down some thoughts on the whole experience. I may look back through rose tinted glasses, but there were some genuionely really good times ive had. I was so fortunate to come across the good people i have met in the last few months. Tom Franki Harriet john ruth and kate made for a great work bunch. hopefully small notes will help me remember some of the times we had. madison, shell olympics, look around you and tell me what you see?, snorkelling at batten bay, ruth water baby, pussy footing around wetsuit mba swimming, ive lost the plankton net!, throwing stones at each other, sweatshop running hill overtakes!, when sam went on a tour of plymouth, when sam can't do roundabouts, tennis with ernst, wingmanning for ernst with the owl and the pussy cat, ernst sieving hemp for days, somersault solo, tom: tampons are not dildos, ester: dolphinton, cycling to whitsand with ernst, he lives in Denmark now doing a PhD in Sustainable design, surfing everywhere with tom!, tom: ape index, dash este, angry car driver to cyclist, threw a rock at my head, polzeath, camping Newquay, SON OF A BITCH singalongs,  perfect wave, transvestites conversation, animals letter game, pie day, blair witch, board collector, franky: hope cove, rowing double out to the breakwater, guilt food and door replacement failure, standing desk, shit head cheat! homework ask a girl out, Franki? I thought you weren’t coming tonight? “I just cant get enough fitness”, running at edgecumbe 

Mike: luvvli, pig vaccination, duck pond, climbing that bastard pink route, just a really nice welshman, Bioblitz camping

ruth belfast, swearing in front of kids, lvoes swimming, had mental neighbour and sexually assaulting housemate in eastbourne. huge south african bearded bf DYLAN top guy although quite intimidating.

sam taylor: met 2015. most of what I remmeberablout sam I his fucking adorable smile! I mean shit that’s 110% perfect Canadian smile with maple syrup dripped over it. Its like advertisement worthy. I remember him for his humour around tinder. the hit chat up line of lets mate with accompanying follow up survey of how the chatup line worked including being entered into the prize draw of being offered a drink.

discussions in wagamama when I mentioned how hot the staff who served us was led to franki’s homework: ask for one girls number by the end of the week. we failed, and I met sami so I guess that counts for something.

Sam owns the flat near torpoint which he shares with franki. he is manager of maidenhead aquatics for Plymouth which he reports is awful. he aspires to join the marines as an officer and pushes himself to the limit. I have heard it commented that he wants to be the best quickly and is frustrated that he cannot match his previous physical ability when he was a kayaker.

Teaching lea to surf, learning german words, playing cards with lea Ass Raus, lives in antwerp, very enthusiastic, kitchen chats.

Relationship with Sami, first ever tinder date for both of us, most mature breakup ever, taught me a lot, i was weird and she was ok with that! saw and danced to beatboxers, she knew everyone on north hill, Gary scary bang bang bouncer.

Franki and sam night out arm wrestle with bouncer, pole climbing, mad dancing, refresher drinks mmmm,

oh my god clearing the drains shitting hell quite literally. doing the garden, hanging my wetuit outside and henry thinking i'd hung myself, the many many flat tires i asked Leon to repair: cheers bro. cycling to dartmoor+ meavy pie day, watching wimbledon with Emily miles in town on big screen, watching sleeping beauty with sami in theatre royal, prioritising dessert over fireworks on on of our last dates. winging the last graduation presentation. being so happy to see dave! what a legend. sophie locking her keys in her car at bioblitz, donkey drinking ruths tea, kate destroying her clutch, fresh straberries, haha harriet and I leafletting the richest people in the UK.. one had a model railway train! , kate coasting down the hill in neutralw ith the engine off. pete room 62 old microscope, divers suit, bayonett, gnome story with wendy rip. 


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